Pressure cleaning of Asbestos Roofs

Never use high pressure water or compressed air on asbestos products and be careful working on asbestos roofs – they are    brittle and you can easily fall through.

Handling & Disposing Asbestos

Asbestos is still present in millions of homes, as well as public and commercial buildings across Australia. National Asbestos Awareness Week asks Australians to Think Twice About Asbestos. The campaign challenges complacency by reminding home renovators and tradespeople that the danger of asbestos is far from over.

Danger of cladding over asbestos

Cladding over asbestos sheeting can cause significant damage to asbestos containing materials.

Lindsay Wall’s asbestos warning to tradies

Lindsay Wall was exposed to asbestos as a young tradie and lost his battle with mesothelioma, an asbestos related diseases in    November 2019.

Keeping tradies safe on the job when dealing with asbestos.

Tradies are one of the most at risk groups of people when it comes to asbestos exposure, along with anyone doing DIY home    renovations, as any home built or renovated prior to 1990 is likely to contain asbestos.

Even if you don’t fall into these categories, you’re likely to know someone who does. With around 4,000 Australians dying every    year due to post asbestos exposure, it’s important to spread the word about how to work safely with asbestos.

Asbestos is a known carcinogen and exposure to asbestos fibres can cause serious disease such as cancer.

Call an asbestos professional before you start work – it’s not worth the risk.

Asbestos is a known carcinogen and exposure to asbestos fibres can cause serious disease such as cancer.

PPE cannot guarantee your health or safety, but it will help reduce your risk of exposure. It must be selected, worn and removed correctly to be effective.

Call an asbestos professional before you start work – it’s  not worth the risk.

Renovating? What if my home contains asbestos?

If your house was built before 1990, it is likely to contain some asbestos. Be aware and before you start your renovations, be sure to get an asbestos assessor to check if asbestos is present!

Remember, like plumbing and electrical work, asbestos removal – or renovations that might uncover asbestos – are jobs best left to the experts.

In some circumstances the law requires it: seek professional advice

Asbestos lurks in more places than you’d think, like flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, as well as roofs, gutters, ceilings and walls.

Don’t disturb your neighbours by disturbing asbestos. You have a legal responsibility not to harm those around you.

If asbestos needs to be removed before you start work, use a licensed asbestos removalist. In some circumstances the law requires it.

Be aware there is no known safe minimum level of exposure to asbestos fibres.

Don’t risk your health or someone else’s

Exposure to airborne asbestos fibres may cause life-threatening illnesses like cancer and deadly mesothelioma.

Don’t risk the possible health effects of asbestos exposure. There is no known safe minimum level of exposure to asbestos fibres.

Asbestos is a known carcinogen, and inhaling asbestos fibres is associated with diseases including pleural disease, asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

If you’re renovating an older home that may contain asbestos, call an asbestos professional for an assessment before you start. It’s just not worth the risk.

Remember that you have a legal responsibility not to harm those around you.

adfa Information Booklet Launch 2015

Anita Anderson General Manager of the Dust Diseases Board was happy to help adfa launch our new information booklet on Wednesday 10 June.

The aim of the booklet is to help deliver information in a much needed easier medium than the previous pages that were sent out in our information packs.

With the launch of this booklet adfa hopes that the format will be handier to have and carry. adfa also aims to send the booklet to as many places in NSW that lack information and awareness of asbestos.

adfa was very pleased with the attendance at the launch, including Julie Owen MP for Parramatta, Paul Lunch MP for Liverpool, John Robertson MP for Blacktown, Peter Tighe CEO of ASEA, Paul Bastian AMWU, Mayor Greg Cummings of Holroyd, and many other distinguished guest and members of adfa.

President Barry Robson gave a very informative speech on his trip overseas to both the ADAO Conference in America with Vice President Maree Stokes and to his visit at the Rotterdam Convention.

A light lunch was served after the Booklet launch.

Thank you to all those that attended and made the launch a success.




Rotterdam Convention Geneva 2015

The listing of chrysotile asbestos on Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade.

Barry Robson President of adfa lets fly at what took place at the convention in Geneva when 7 countries vetoed the other 46 countries lead by Australia to the listing of chrysotile asbestos. Barry was disgusted and ashamed that the Russian and Indian false propaganda and untruths against the scientific facts to the perils of asbestos were allowed to be put out at the convention.